Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Cable Replacement Services

Are you looking for a reliable service provider for garage door cable repair? Our expert technicians are available seven days a week!

Cables are one of the most essential components of the garage door mechanism. However, if there are damages and issues with the door’s movement, call us to get it fixed right away! Omega Garage Door Repair is an expert in garage door cable repair and other services. Our certified technicians are highly qualified to provide you with effective solutions.

Omega Garage Door Repair can provide you with high-quality garage door cable products and workmanship. Installing and replacing high-quality garage door components is critical to ensuring that your hardware lasts beyond its lifespan. Keep in mind that each door has unique specifications.

garage door cable repair

Garage Door Cable Issues

Depending on how we use our mechanical door, the hardware and its components will wear out eventually. When the door exhibits faulty functions, get it checked by an expert technician. Call us if you notice any of the following warning signs!

snapped garage door cable

Old cables:

As the cable threads loosen, the cables will become weaker. Fraying is a common occurrence in old cables. Frayed cables will most likely endanger your safety because it could snap at any time.

Rust on the metal cables:

Regular maintenance, such as lubrication, is critical to ensuring that your hardware’s moving parts work flawlessly. Rust will accumulate over time and will most likely compromise the adjacent parts. So, do not disregard the importance of regular lubrication.

Jammed cables:

Jammed cables will wreak havoc in the cable drum. If you pull the cables with too much force, you will most likely end up with broken garage door cables.
Don’t leave the malfunctioning garage door for an extended period of time. It will likely result in a snapped garage door cable. Call us when your hardware will begin to exhibit faulty functions to prevent causing further damage.

safety cables

The Safety Cables

As the name suggests, safety cables are intended for safety precautions. Only the extension spring system has safety cables installed. Extension springs, as we all know, store a lot of energy when tensioned. As a result, safety cables are required to keep the extension springs from bouncing. Ignoring the importance of safety cables will almost certainly result in accidents and damage. Call us for all of your cable repair problems, and we will dispatch our expert technicians right away!

Why trust us as your professional garage door repair company?

If you need to replace a broken garage door cable, we are offering a wide selection of cable sizes to fit any door. Therefore, entrust your entire garage door cable repair to a team of certified technicians. We don’t want you to be concerned about faulty hardware. So, if your mechanical door breaks down, give us a call for same-day overhead door repairs. Our certified technicians are available even on the weekends. We provide a warranty on our services and parts replaced or repaired. Therefore, you can be confident that we will always give our best effort in any repairs we perform.

Contact us today if you suspect your garage door may have a broken Cable

garage door cable repair services
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