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High Quality Garage Door Rollers

Are you looking for a reliable service provider offering high-quality garage door rollers and services? Garage door rollers are one of the essential components of the hardware’s mechanism. That’s why the rollers should be serviced regularly to ensure seamless operation. At Omega Garage Door Repair, we provide a wide range of high-quality garage door services and products.

We understand the significance of garage doors in every residential property. The hardware not only secures the largest entrance but also secures the entire living space. If the overhead door rollers fail or reach the end of their useful life, the overall function will be compromised.

A faulty roller can be a safety hazard or an inconvenience, especially if it occurs on your way to work. But, we assure you that you can depend on us to respond to your call seven days a week! Our certified technicians are available for same-day garage door roller replacement even on the weekends.

We provide high-quality and industry-standard warranties on all of our services including parts replaced or repaired. Therefore, you’re guaranteed that we will re-perform the garage door roller replacement if the warranty standards are not met.

We offer an extensive range of high-quality and dependable garage door replacement services. You’re guaranteed that there is a solution to your every garage door problem.

garage door roller replacement

Garage Door Roller Issues

Do you hear the garage door making an unusual noise when you try to close or open it? Do not put off any necessary repairs. A broken or faulty roller can wreak havoc to the adjacent components. If you continue to use the faulty hardware, it will cause a variety of problems. So, if you notice any of the following telling signs, have it checked and repaired immediately.

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Excessive Vibration When Operating:

Excessive vibration is usually caused by rusted rollers that no longer turn smoothly. This shuddering sensation could be caused by loose rollers or rollers that are about to come off the tracks.

Worn Garage Door Roller Wheel:

A worn garage door wheel can come off the track due to the frequency of use and friction. That’s why rollers should be lubricated regularly for a smooth operation.

Bent Garage Door Rollers:

Depending on how your hardware is used, rollers will wear out eventually. That’s why when you see visible damages, such as bends and cracks, it indicate the need for a replacement.

The Roller Doesn’t Spin Freely On The Shaft:

Often, the cause of this problem is a lack of regular lubrication. Keep in mind that the component is responsible for guiding the panel when prompted. As a result, it suffers the same amount of wear as the other components.

types of garage door Rollers

The garage door rollers are small functional wheels made of various materials.

steel garage door rollers

Steel Rollers

Steel garage door rollers are made of a steel wheel attached to a steel shaft. The structure of the rollers allows the wheel section to move freely. This material is strong and long-lasting, and it is unlikely to break under normal conditions.
nylon garage door rollers

Nylon Rollers

Nylon garage door rollers require little to no lubrication. Furthermore, nylon rollers are more stable and effective at absorbing vibrations, making them efficient and trouble-free. As a result, they are much quieter and more energy-efficient.
plastic garage door rollers

Plastic Rollers

Plastic garage door rollers are made of plastic. They do not come with ball bearing unlike their other counterparts. Rollers with ball bearings last longer than those without.

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