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A good condition garage door is a significant advantage in your everyday routine. The garage door plays a crucial role to protect and keep your car safe from extreme weather and burglars. The garage door might be the underrated door of your property, so you don’t know its value until it becomes faulty.

One part that could make your garage door malfunction is the garage door spring. If the springs break, you should consider a spring repair service to use your garage door again correctly. Property owners use their garage to ensure the safety of their cars and other stuff. However, if the garage spring breaks, the garage door can become faulty and could compromise security.

At Omega Garage Door Repair, our team of professional garage door technicians are highly skilled enough to deal with any garage door problems. Our repairers can do torsion and extension spring replacement. Additionally, our springs are created from high-quality steel and we have 100 different springs that can match any door. Also, our springs have 10,000 cycles that can last for many years. We provide a warranty on labor and parts. We offer same-day service all days of the week. 

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need To Be Replaced

The Springs Should Be One Piece

A well-functioning garage door, the parts should be in good shape. For example, if you notice that you have a broken garage door spring, you’ll not be able to open or close the garage door entirely.

The Garage Door Doesn't Open Completely And Goes Back Down

Once your garage door starts to crash down, It means something is going on with its components. If the springs of your garage door are broken, contact a garage door technician for a garage door spring replacement.

The Garage Door Is So Heavy When Trying To Lift It Manually

Your garage door should not be heavy when trying to lift it manually. However, if it does, the garage door springs are likely damaged and need a garage spring repair.

The Cables On The Side Become Unwound

An unwound cable is likely caused by a broken garage door spring. If your cables become unwound, get out of the garage as your door could collapse at any moment.

our garage door spring best practices

A company that Implements best practices and focuses on its quality of work is what you should find as a customer. Due to this, the technicians can efficiently repair and install garage door components with less danger. Also, by using the appropriate spring, the spring replacement cost will become less, and you can save money for a long time.


replacing both springs

replacing both garage door springs
The springs are the most crucial component of a garage door. The springs work together that control the entire garage door. So, if you have two spring systems and one of the springs is broken, you should replace them both. The other will be much stronger if you replace one, causing your door to be uneven when lifting and could go off track.


safety inspection

garage door spring repair

Before our garage door technicians proceed with repairing, they start with a safety inspection first. A thorough inspection is necessary to ensure that the garage parts and other components are functioning correctly.


using the right springs

garage door springs
Rest assured that in Omega Garage Door Repair, we use high-quality springs with 10,00 cycles. You can save a lot of money for years because our spring is built to last for a long time.

types of garage door springs

torsion garage door spring

torsion springs

The torsion springs store mechanical energy combined with the cables. The purpose of the torsion spring is to twist the horizontal bar that runs above the garage door. When you close the door, the torsion spring tightens and if you open it unwinds.
extension garage door spring

Extension springs

The garage door extension springs are mounted along the horizontal part of the door. When the springs compress and stress, it helps to open and close the door.

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion

If you want to replace your extension springs, call your trusted garage door technician. Replacing your extension springs is always possible but make sure that you get help from a professional.
broken garage door spring repair

What Not To Do After the Springs Break

We recommend that you call for repair service if your garage door spring breaks. If the springs are damaged, do not attempt to use your door until the repair service arrives at your property.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

Replacing a garage door, especially the springs, is seriously dangerous. Do not try to fix it yourself because you can get hurt or injured. It’s best if you call a garage door repair service so that they can replace the spring for you.

Why trust us as your professional garage door repair company?

If you’re in a hazardous situation such as having a broken spring, don’t risk your life trying to fix it. If this happens, call Omega Garage Door Repair to repair any broken parts of your garage door immediately. Trust your garage door problems with our certified technicians. Call us now!

Contact us today if you suspect your garage door may have a broken spring

garage door spring repair technician
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